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xxWho Are Jack and Rebecca Sytsema?

Jack and Becky Sytsema

JACK AND REBECCA SYTSEMA are the founding pastors of Lake Effect Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are both ordained Christian ministers who have been involved in
international prayer ministry since 1993. They have
also been involved with many autism groups over
the past several years.

JACK, who serves as Lead Pastor of Lake Effect Church, received his Bachelor’s degree from Calvin College, and Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has worked in both profit and non-profit organizations during his career, specializing in autism-related companies from 2004 to 2016.

REBECCA pastors at Lake Effect Church, serves as Director of Children of Destiny, and works as a freelance author and editor. She has coauthored eight Christian books to date. A list of her books can be found by clicking here. She works from home where she is first and foremost mom to three great boys: Nicholas (18, full-syndrome non-verbal ASD), Samuel (16, moderate ASD), and Trey (typically developing 12-year-old).

We first became interested in autism when our then 2-year-old son, Nicholas, was showing signs of developmental delay coupled with intestinal difficulties in mid 2000. In January, 2001, he was diagnosed with autism. We believe in the power of prayer and believe that God’s hand is firmly on Nicholas’ life. We have implemented several other interventions for Nicholas, including the gluten- and casein-free diet, several biomedical interventions, and an intensive program of Applied Behavior Analysis.

A few years later we received a similar diagnosis for our middle son, Samuel. We have also implemented several interventions for him as well. While each intervention has helped them come to new levels of success, we firmly hold to the belief that the most powerful intervention we have brought into our sons' lives has been to give them over to God and allow Him to order our steps. Although the path has been a difficult one, we have seen steady progress as God works new miracles day by day. God has yet to disappoint us in any area with which we have fully trusted Him!

You can reach us by email at chofdestiny@aol.com.

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