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Bulletin Inserts/Handouts

Unlocking Autism has made the following bulletin inserts or group handouts available in PDF form.

There are three different designs to choose from. Coupled with our Turning the Tide! brochure and prayer calendar, you could have fresh inserts/handouts for each week in April!

Click on the links below to download each handout. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read or print these files.
Get Adobe ReaderClick here to download Acrobat Reader (free).

Bulletin InsertsHandout #1: Autism Awareness (215 kb)

Bulletin InsertsHandout #2: Early Warning Signs of Autism (129 kb)

Bulletin InsertsHandout #3: Autism's Hope (170 kb)






We invite you to visit UnlockingAutism.org today!

Their mission is:    

· To bring the issues of autism from individual homes to the forefront ofnational dialogue. 

· To join parents and professionals in one concerted effort to fight for these children who cannot lift their voices to the nation for help. 

· To educate parents about pending legislation and existing laws. 

· To educate parents about biomedical treatments and behavioral therapies. 

· To assist parents of newly diagnosed children by providing direction through a parent-to-parent support hotline in an effort to network families across the country. 

· To raise funds for biomedical research, behavioral research, and projects. 

· To work to increase society's ability to work with and understand people with autism. 

· To help those on the autism spectrum reach their greatest potential in leading fulfilling and productive lives in relationships, society and employment.  

· To educate parents to the danger of mercury to the developing brain of children both born and unborn.

· To work to preserve every parent's choice of philosophical exemptions for vaccinations.




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