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Throughout the years many of our subscribers have suggested that we put all of our Daily Prayers into a book.  It is our goal to one day do so.  But in the meantime, we are pleased to offer you a way to make your own Daily Prayer book for 2012 through our Daily Prayer pages.

You can now create a complete prayer journal to enhance your devotional life. featuring the Daily Prayers. Our prayer journals consist of three elements. What you include is totally up to you!

Prayer Journal Image

  • Daily Prayer Pages. For each day we have created a Daily Prayer page including a Scripture calendar page, the prayer, and a place for writing journal notes. Subscribers are able to download pages with the link provided in every Daily Prayer we send out. These pages are also available throughout our website, including a link in the footer of every web page.

    Click here to see today's Prayer Journal Page.


  • Personal Prayer Journal Cover for 2010Standard or Personalized Prayer Journal Cover. In order to complete these attractive pages, we are offering a special Daily Prayer Journal 2012 cover.  You can immediately download and print our standard Prayer Journal cover now by clicking here. Or you can get your own personalized Journal page. Choose from 30 beautiful images (or send us your own!), twelve attractive fonts, and let us know what name or special verbiage you would like to appear, and we will create it for you.



How to Personalize your Daily Prayer Journal Cover:

2010 Personalized Journal Sample


You also have the option of personalizing your cover, free of charge!  You are able to select from a choice of pictures, (or email us your own high-resolution jpeg or tiff photo for us to include!) name for the front cover, and a choice of fonts.  We will then create your cover, and email the finished cover back to you in a PDF file.  It may take a few days, so go ahead and begin your journal for 2012 while we create your cover! 


To receive your own personalized Prayer Journal Cover, please email us with the following information:

1. Photo option
2. Name option
3. Font option

1. Photo Option:
Select a photo from the 30 options below. Please note the photo option number, or attach your own high-resolution jpeg or tiff photo for us to include on the front cover. (Note: If no picture is chosen, the default photo is Photo Option 10 - Praying Children)
ask God 1  Photo option 1 - Man at sunset


ask God 1  Photo option 2 - Woman at sunset


clouds1  Photo option 3 - Outstretched hand


Door opening  Photo option 4 - Baby feet


clouds1  Photo option 5 - Open Bible


Door opening  Photo option 6 - Tennis Shoes


ask God 1  Photo option 7 - In Contemplation



clouds1  Photo option 8 - Eagle in Flight


Door opening  Photo option 9 - Folded Hands


ask God 1  Photo option 10 - Praying Children


clouds1  Photo option 11- Determination

Door opening  Photo option 12 - Butterfly


ask God 1  Photo option 13 - Floating Leaf



clouds1  Photo option 14 - Mountain Peak



Door opening  Photo option 15 - Potter's Hands


ask God 1  Photo option 16 - Precious Boy


clouds1  Photo option 17 - Raging River


Door opening  Photo option 18 - Sails in the Wind


ask God 1  Photo option 19 - Divine Puzzle Pieces


clouds1  Photo option 20 - Strong Boy


Door opening  Photo option 21 - Sunlit Tree


ask God 1  Photo option 22 - Ocean Wave



clouds1  Photo option 23 - World in His Hands


Door opening  Photo option 24 - Open Window


ask God 1  Photo option 25 - Water Drop



clouds1  Photo option 26 - Reaching for God



Door opening  Photo option 27 - The Path


ask God 1  Photo option 28 - Open Door


clouds1  Photo option 29 - Graceful Dove

Door opening  Photo option 30 - Baby Hands


2. Name Option:
Type the name for the cover exactly as you want it to appear (Note: If no name is specified, none will be added).

3. Font Option:
Choose a font for your cover from the following options (Note: If no font is chosen, we will use the default font of 12 -- Trajan Pro):


Please send your 3 option choices to chofdestiny@aol.com. When we have completed your cover, we will email you a PDF file. Please allow a few days.



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